Training Program

Elite Patrol Service has a specialized comprehensive security training program. All materials and curriculum were developed by licensed, qualified and skilled instructors, with many years of hands-on security experience. Each officer must go through numerous hours of state mandated training. All officers received class room training as well as one-on-one field training by our Field Training Officers. Officers that are approved to carry handcuffs, expandable baton, pepper spray, or a firearm must undergo additional training by approved instructors. Our training is designed and developed to provide fundamentals and to explore advanced techniques which will assist our officers to operate more efficiently in their work environment.

Instead of providing a liability, we provide an asset to our clients.

Some companies will attempt to dazzle you with the credentials their owner holds or held years ago, but keep in mind, they are not the people performing the service on your property. It will be their average employee who is under paid and has very little to no official training.

Elite Patrol gets the job done right the first time. We do not hire the standard Security Officer. We carefully handpicked all of our officers based on their background, experience, personality, professionalism, and training. Unlike our competition, we do not place an untrained officer on a client's property just because we have a post to fill. We believe in "controlled management growth" which ensures that all of our officers are equally trained and knowledgeable. Our training program and mandatory continual training exceeds the state guidelines many times over while other companies sadly are content with providing the 2-4 hour state minimum (scary).

What does training and higher standards mean to you and your business?

It means a lower risks of lawsuits, educated representatives, a more positive and professional service, and a better prepared and competent staff member on your property. The fact that your security staff represents you and your business, and the fact they are highly visible should make you strongly consider who you want assigned to your property. In the security industry, you cannot settle for low standards or no standards, as it defeats the purpose of hiring a security service in the first place.

Avoid false promises, frustrations and being billed for poor service or non-service. We would love the opportunity to show you there is higher standard in the private security industry. Elite Patrol's hiring process consists of four phases.

Security Officer Training Basic/Advanced - 160 Hour Course

Phase 1 Applicants must satisfactorily pass testing in all of the following:

  • Drug Screening
  • Background Investigation
  • Pre-Assignment Training
  • Reliability Survey
  • Awareness Program
  • Site-Specific Training

Phase 2 Upon completion of:

  • Orientation
  • Career Preparation
  • General Duties of Security Officers
  • Patrol Procedures
  • Client Rule Enforcement
  • Relations with Law Enforcement
  • Testifying
  • Field Training Officer( F.T.O)
  • Effectiveness of Private Security
  • Public Relations
  • Client/ Management Relations
  • Report Writing
  • Criminal Law

Phase 3 Upon completion of:

  • Laws of Arrest
  • Burglary/ Trespass
  • Criminal Damage/ Littering
  • Sabotage/ Espionage
  • Narcotics Detection
  • Traffic Control
  • Crowd Control
  • Search and Seizure
  • Robbery/ Theft
  • Endangerment/ Assault
  • Bomb Threats/ Arson
  • Escorts
  • Crime Scene Evidence

Phase 4 Professional security officer status upon completion of:

  • Radio Communication
  • Electronics in Security
  • Juvenile Protection
  • Stress
  • Fire Prevention and Suppression
  • C.P.R.
  • Baton
  • Firearms - Legal Use, Techniques, Safety & Care
  • Firearms - Qualification of the Range
  • Interview and Interrogations
  • Shoplifting
  • Disturbed Individuals
  • Safety
  • First Aid
  • Self Defense

Note- All locations have their own unique requirements. After officers complete the above standardized training, Elite Patrol Officers are then trained on-site for site specific duties to ensure affective services rendered. Application process varies depending on armed and unarmed officer.

Dispatch Hotline: 256.653.1367
Business: 256.502.1808