Special Events / Crowd Control

Elite Patrol customizes its Special Event Security to fit the needs of its clients.  Elite Patrol will keep your parties safe so everyone can relax and enjoy your special event. No matter the size of your event Elite can offer you different security options to choose from, such as uniformed security officer, plainclothes officer, armed security officer or unarmed security officers. We will work together to choose the right security plan that suits your event. Our officers are trained to investigate all alleged criminal behavior and handle it in a discreet manner. Our goal is to keep your event safe and running smoothly for everyone to enjoy. It was once common place for events to hire off duty police officers costing up to $35.00 per hour per officer.  Elite Patrol can provide the same level of professional service at less the cost.

Our Security Services Cover:

  • •  Weddings
  • •  Birthday Parties
  • •  Holiday Parties
  • •  Concerts
  • •  Dance Parties
  • •  Fund-raisers
  • •  Sweet 16
  • •  Political Parties
  • •  Sales Event
  • •  Fairs and Carnivals
  • •  Product Launches
  • •  Funerals
  • •  Strikes
  • •  Fashion Shows
  • •  High school events
  • •  Photo shoots and more
Dispatch Hotline: 256.653.1367
Business: 256.502.1808