Elite Patrol takes pride in operating one of the most advanced patrol services in Alabama. Elite Patrol is a cost effective program which provides a strong security presence on your property while conducting mobile inspections at random intervals. Most clients not needing a full-time posted guard service will find that the occasional checks/inspections suit their needs and budget very well. Elite Patrol Service is a seven day a week program that fits our client's specific needs and is tailored differently to each property that we serve. During our random inspections our uniformed officers will conduct foot patrols, door & window checks, lock or unlock any designated areas, check for maintenance or safety hazards, respond on calls of service and alarm activations, investigate suspicious or criminal activity and enforce your property's rules/regulations .Every inspection last approximately 15-20 minutes. If problems are observed, our patrol officer will make the required notifications and remain on-site until the adequate remedy is provided. Elite Patrol's clients have the peace of mind knowing that a professional security company is watching their property.

Elite Patrol Vehicles

Elite Patrol provides patrol services using both marked and unmarked vehicles. Elite Patrol uses the best, most professionally-equipped vehicles in the industry. Every patrol vehicle is outfitted with high end technology. Equipment packages consist of a laptop with internet and up to date software, in car video, GPS, emergency spotlights, traffic control and emergency equipment including a first-aid kit, traffic cones, flairs, a fire extinguisher, and jumper cables. We can assist our client's residents with a jump off or assist in a change of flat tire. All of our patrol cars are company owned and insured. We will never send an officer to your site in a privately owned vehicle.

Assigned Community Patrol

Our Assigned Community Patrol (ACP) services offer the same level of service as the shared patrol, except they never leave your property. In this situation, the ACP unit is assigned exclusively to your property and the vehicle is clearly marked with your community's name.


Elite Patrol offers clients an opportunity to defer cost, by allowing properties within `a close proximity to share a full time officer. Elite Patrol organizes the location of all patrol services into very tight patrol zones This program ensures the client properties receive close attention and fast response.

Safety Watch

Ever wake up in the middle of the night thinking you have just heard a strange or suspicious noise and were too afraid to get up and check it out? Are you arriving home late at night and even worse - alone? Do you need to make a last minute run to the cash machine in the middle of the night and feel uneasy? Can you imagine how this must feel when you are a senior who is living alone?

Elite Patrol has a Safety Watch package which includes meeting you at your home, cash machine or similar location. Our Patrol Officers see that you are protected through your situation and that you get safely back inside your home. This gives great peace of mind knowing we are only a phone call away.


We believe daily, weekly and monthly reporting should have more value to you than just telling you what we did while on your property. With our system your daily reports have much greater value. They give you insight to your property because you can see what changes from day to day. Lights out, dangerous areas, high grass, trash overflowing, vacant unit's criminal activity, is it all being addressed? Is the quality of life improving? Elite is the only security vendor around to offer this service. Every patrol visit to your property is video recorded and all reports are electronically logged in real-time. There is no hand written sloppy reports.

Security escorts:

Provide escort security for your employees or clients to parking lots or other areas of the facility as required.

Warning decals:

As an extra measure of security we will provide security decals for your Gate/Lawn, doors, windows, out buildings or any other areas you deem necessary.

Security systems:

Activate or deactivate security systems.

Bank drops:

Escort your employee to the bank.

Lock & unlock service:

We will open and close your business or facility according to your specifications. This service is especially beneficial to malls, industrial parks, churches, or businesses of any size.

  • Random Security Patrols of your Property – (Residential, Commercial & Industrial)
  • Private Community Patrols – (Homeowner Associations, Apartment Communities, Sub-Divisions, Individual Homes)
  • Business Patrols – (Individual Businesses, Business Parks, Shopping Centers, Hotels, Business Condos, Employee Escorts, Bank escorts etc.)
  • 24-Hour Service – (Elite Patrol officers are on-call 24/7 to respond to all security issues that may arise at our contracted clients' locations)
  • Traffic Details
  • Private Parking Lot Enforcement Programs
  • Security Patrol Services – Lock-ups & Unlocks
  • Respond to complaints – (Loud music, neighbor disputes, loitering, etc.)
  • Emergency Response – (Respond to emergency situation – in the event of possible loss of life or property)
  • 24 hour dispatch service

***Multiple Properties Discount also Available***

Dispatch Hotline: 256.653.1367
Business: 256.502.1808