Parking Enforcement

Elite Patrol is the best choice for professional, cost-effective parking enforcement services. Our security professionals are experts in handling all aspects of parking enforcement, including issuing citations and warnings, managing conflict, parking lot safety, and vehicle towing, to protect your private property rights and ensure a safe and secure parking environment.

Whether you have a few dedicated parking spots or an expansive parking lot, we can provide you with the precise amount of assistance you need. We offer parking patrols on a predictable or random schedule, and on-site parking management services on a short-term or continuous basis. Our uniformed guards are trained to reduce parking problems; discourage unauthorized parking; control access to your lot; and discourage loitering, littering, vandalism, theft, crime, and property damage. Our parking enforcement services are ideal for events, permit parking lots, or permanent parking facilities in residential complexes, schools, shopping centers, colleges, hospitals, and businesses. Further, our commitment to customer service ensures we maintain good relations with your customers and visitors, while preserving your parking spaces for your employees, guests and clients.

Elite Patrol Parking Enforcement Services provide security for:

  • •  Parking lots and garages
  • •  Hotels/Motels
  • •  Retail shopping centers and strip malls
  • •  Hospitals and medical facilities
  • •  Construction sites
  • •  Office buildings
  • •  Banks and credit unions
  • •  Research facilities
  • •  Manufacturing and industrial properties
  • •  Apartments and Condominiums
  • •  Gated neighborhoods
  • •  Equipment yards
  • •  Warehouses
  • •  School and University Campuses
  • •  Restaurants
  • •  Concert and sport venues
  • •  Outdoor events and festivals
  • •  Theaters
  • •  And more…
Dispatch Hotline: 256.653.1367
Business: 256.502.1808